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drosophila melanogaster lab report pdf

Starting out with about flies, FFL will go through three or four generations of flies over its four-week mission duration. Note the meconium on the virgin female.

Drosophila lab report pdf

Of these two choices, cooling is the simplest, requiring only a freezer, ice and petri dishes. They take up only a small space and females lay about eggs in 10 days. All will be virgins. Set up a large test tube with a tube and stopper system. There are no long-lasting side effects to this method, although flies left in the refrigerator too long may not recover. Mating occurs quickly and the behavior is interesting to watch, but will not be addressed here. The white eye flies have a white eye phenotype, and the wild flies have red eyes. Virgin female showing the meconium arrow.

We determined this by viewing which flies had which phenotypes physical characteristics. From comparisons with the human genome, it is thought that more than 75 per cent of genes involved in human disease have counterparts in the fly. In a strong culture, multiple virgin females should be easily obtained.

In these conditions generation time is shorter days from egg to adult.

Fruit fly biology

The offspring mature quickly 3. These traits are hereditary. Note the meconium on the virgin female. Nearly a century on from Drosophila's entrance on the world stage of biological research, this tiny fly has become one of the most well understood organisms there is. In addition, males have tarsal sex combs on their first pair of legs. Vial 2 contained wild females and white male, six of each. Genetics is studying about taking certain traits from one generation to another. A vestigal fly has genetically mutated wings. Morgan was born on September 25, , in Lexington, Kentucky, the son of a former Confederate officer, and the great-grandson of Francis Scott Key, composer of the "Star-spangled Banner. Females begin laying fertile eggs soon after mating. The reasoning behind using fruit flies was because fruit flies have fairly obvious mutations, reproduce quickly, have a large number of offspring, and are much easier to work with in a science classroom than some other animals. One of his students, Alfred Sturtevant, created the first ever genetic map , a landmark event in genetics.

Be sure to select robust, healthy males; the older the flies, the lower the mating efficiency. The other phenotype of fly other than white eyed was the wild fruit fly red eyed.

The experiment studies the combined effect of altered host immunity and exposure to microbes in the space environment.

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We did this so that we could see by their offspring which gene is dominant and which is recessive. Lasting legacy. Using a T-bar, crew members can insert a fresh tray into the Fly Cassette while simultaneously pushing out the spent tray that can be placed in a protective bag.

We attempted to find out if, when pairing organism with certain phenotypes, and breeding them, what the offspring would result in. Place in a fresh culture vial and wait days look for larvae.

drosophila melanogaster

Simply place the flies back into the culture vial when finished.

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Drosophila (Fruit fly)