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The healthy benefits of writing about intensely positive experiences. A larger sample size with the inclusion of clinical outcomes e. Further work in this area has shown that individuals who use very few negative emotion words, or use a very high amount of them are those likely to suffer no positive health effects from writing.

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Psychological aspects of natural language. Moreover, in a supportive group atmosphere participants are provided with a means of creatively expressing their feelings, which they can incorporate into their daily lives to work through traumatic life experiences. The healing powers of expressive writing The Psychology of Creative Writing. Changing Emotions. Expressive Writing vs. Do good stories produce good health? Of note, in order to avoid potential confounding by somatic illness factors, the HADS focuses on psychological and cognitive symptoms, rather than symptoms of anxiety or depression relating also to a physical disorder e. A literature review indicates that in chronic patients, expressive writing is very effective. Post traumatic stress disorder: A comprehensive text. Does writing affect asthma? Literature and Medicine. In a study of the impact of journaling about stressful events writing at least twice a week for at least 10 minutes over a month , Ullrich and Lutgendorf showed a mediating effect of cognitive processing: those who used more cognitive-processing words benefited most. Talking and writing about emotional experiences are both superior to writing about superficial topics. The social psychology of illness support groups. Writing a gratitude letter - Lyubomirsky Like Seligman, Lubomirsky also believed that expressing gratitude and appreciation through writing could have a large positive impact on mood and emotional well-being Lyubomirsky et al,

The mechanisms underlying expressive writing are still under investigation. The use of poetry to work through traumatic life events offers people a sense of meaning and community. It is an RCT comparing the effects of four conditions expressive writing about having heart disease vs.

Research evidence suggests that HRQOL among cardiac patients is impaired by depression and anxiety Williams, ; consequently psychosocial interventions may be required to facilitate patient adjustment post-MI. Insights from a naturalistic observation study Journal of Research in Personality.

Demographic details e. Depression and Anxiety as predictors of 2-year cardiac events in patients with stable coronary artery disease. Co-rumination is the excessive discussion of personal problems within a dyadic relationship and is characterized by frequently discussing problems, discussing the same problem repeatedly, mutual encouragement of discussing problems, speculating about problems and focusing on negative feelings.

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It would not be outrageous to speculate that this diary was a therapeutic means by which Anne coped with the prevalent anxiety and distress that constant fear of discovery would undoubtedly inspire. Expressive Writing vs.

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It was hypothesised that expressive writing would be associated with enhanced HRQOL and decreased depression and anxiety expressive writing's effects on HRQOL, depression and anxiety would be mediated by increases in both positive and cognitive-processing word use, and decreases in negative emotion word use during the writing intervention.

Practical Writing Exercise Writing about emotional traumas has been shown to improve our health and mental wellbeing.

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