The computer virus a destructive force

The malware was able to infect more than 9 millions computers all around the world, affecting governments, businesses and individuals.

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Read on as we take a look at 10 of the worst computer viruses of all time. The attacks were traced back to China.

Types of computer virus

This exposed Lenovo users to potential cyber criminals while providing Superfish and Lenovo with a way to target unsuspecting users with tailored advertisements. The Trojan was first discovered in by antivirus company Intego as a fake Flash install. Controllers of the Zeus botnet used it to steal the login credentials of social network, email and banking accounts. What do you think of these nasty viruses? It also made it hard to power down. Zeus Zeus is a Trojan horse made to infect Windows computers so that it will perform various criminal tasks. In its newer incarnation, a user simply needs to have Java enabled which is likely the majority of us. Storm Trojan In , Storm Trojan infected thousands of computers. The SPAM emails sent by the botnets often contain malware that is then used to infect more computers. These computers would then spread the virus. CryptoLocker Cryptolocker was one of the first ransomware attacks. It was believed that the worm was created to disrupt SCO due to conflict over ownership of some Linux code. Do not click on links or attachments in suspicious emails.

This is not always the case. To make matters more complicated, once a virus is released it is free to cross state lines and national borders, making the author or distributor of the virus accountable for his or her action under a very different legal system.

This virus caused tremendous damage because the BIOS chip was not removable on many PCs, requiring the user to replace the entire motherboard. Evgeniy Bogachev, the ring leader, was charged and the encryption keys were released to the affected computers.

More attacks like this are expected to come in It was transmitted via email and usually contained a variety of subject lines including, "Error", "Mail Delivery System", "Test" or "Mail Transaction Failed".

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It compromised accounts from many leading banks and corporations. Sasser slowed machines down and caused crashes. This led to more than a million infections, taking out critical infrastructures, such as airlines, news agencies, public transportation, hospitals, public transport, etc.

This incredibly destructive force had been in development since as a digital weapon of sorts. My Doom One of the fastest spreading virus of all time, My Doom, infected one in 12 emails at its peak.

It was so bad that governments and large corporations took their mailing system offline to prevent infection.

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It would reset account lockout settings and block access to antivirus sites and windows updates. Flashback Though not as damaging as the rest of the malware on this list, this is one of the few Mac malware to have gain notoriety as it showed that Macs are not immune. Frankenstein, hackers stole the virus code and created other malicious infections including two superstar viruses on this list — WannaCry and Notpetya. It uses several methods to spread itself, such as email, and once a computer is infected, it will proceed to encrypt certain files on the hard drive and any mounted storage connected to it with RSA public key cryptography. Once installed, the Mac becomes part of a botnet of other infected Macs. Conficker Conficker is a worm that infected over 9 million computers around the world. The Klez virus , for example, stole confidential emails and spreads them around the web via mass emails, in some instances costing millions of dollars in damages due to jamming networks with mass emailing. Unless you're protected, you can lose your files, money or even equipment! This list, while covering most of the all-time worst threats, is not all- inclusive. In many countries the writing of viruses is not an offence in itself. Damages were estimated in the billions of dollars as well as forcing airlines and governments to shut down. In this list, we will highlight some of the worst and notorious computer viruses that have caused a lot of damage in real life. By Azwan Jamaluddin in Desktop.
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10 Most Destructive Computer Viruses